Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ice Fishing?

Brrrr it's been crazy cold here this week. The lake isn't frozen yet but we went out and put our 'ice hut' up yesterday anyway.  

It's fun fishing under the ice and all the snow for big stones. Big or small, for sure, whatever we catch, were not going to throw it back ! 

We are planning on landing a sizable 'rock base' in here today (or something along those lines) and then maybe a sweet looking 'walleye' by the end of next week.

It seems that each year, here in Canada, the snowy weather comes earlier and earlier, and dry stone walling during the autumn months is fast becoming more of a winter sport. 

It's all about being cooped up inside a warm hut enjoying the great outdoors. It's something everyone should try, once.  

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