Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Arch Principle

One Friday afternoon a few summers back I was with Evan in downtown Port Hope doing some banking. While I was in the bank (building on the right) he decided to do some climbing. When I came out I couldn't find him.

He called down to me and I looked up and took this photo of him.

It occurs to me that Evan's ability to hang there in space perfectly demonstrates the basic principle of the arch, that as long as the sides don't spread (and Evan's abs hold out) the 'arching Evan' will not fall down.

It's why the shallow arch of bricks stay up across this window opening.

It's the reason these cobble stones that I wedged/arched between two trees on my property can't fall down either. As long as the trees don't spread apart, the stones can't slip down.


  1. Is Evan still there?

  2. If Evan is still there I do worry about the gravity of his situation.