Monday, November 24, 2014

Before, During and After

Before, there was just a grassy hill at Hart House Farm. And Menno and Stephen said "let there be an amphitheatre here" . And the others agreed. 

And Evan said "let it have a kind of moon gate entrance". And the people said yes. And John said "how about we make it a pointed oval ". And everyone liked the idea. 

And Christopher said " let there also be a positive shaped pillar near the entrance, just like the negative shape in the opening". And everyone got excited. And Thea said " and maybe there could be a stone telescope too, for peering though, to look at the VenusGate ". And it was agreed upon.

And that autumn, people came from everywhere to help build the VenusGate, the amphitheatre, the plinth, the telescope and a host of other things too.

And after it was all completed the people agreed that it was very good. And they went home happy.
Before and after photos open our eyes afresh to the magic of what happens 'over time'. This project came about through the cooperation of enthusiastic wallers and artists, all of varying skill levels, who gathered simply to celebrate the art of dry stone walling .

Time and practice has allowed us all to get better. None of us are the same. But the camera allows us to look back and still marvel at the change we made on that hill, and see who we were and what we could accomplish, even back then!


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  1. It was a great experience for everyone involved.