Monday, June 23, 2014

First Wall



A former student of mine and her husband built their first dry-stone wall last week. They sent me photos and were obviously very proud of their retaining wall project which they completed in only 4 days. 

They wrote to say the four tons of stone they ordered had to be moved at least three times. 

"Plus a ton & a half of fill and new plantings,..... And as if that were not enough, Chris & I completed two other heavy stone lifting projects that Father’s day weekend: A new flower bed and ramp to the under veranda storage area. ‘Sure aren’t we ‘divils’ for punishment!" 

When I went to see the wall Darrell thanked me for the suggestion that he get a dolly to move the stones saying "It was essential in saving both our backs." 

The hand truck (dolly) was a complicated apparatus which had four wheels and folded out into a stair climbing thing and doubles for a rolling walker for when Darrell gets older.

The new wall looks terrific guys !

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