Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tramp Pick comes to the rescue

Here's a great story for Norman about the tramp pick which is a tool he loves to use to move big rocks and finds so useful. 

Yesterday my client flipped the Kubota tractor he rented for the week coming down the hill while turning too fast. He walked back down to where we were working and explained what he'd done and that he was open to any suggestions we had to getting it back up right. I grabbed the tramp pick and thought that's probably what Norman would use, as he uses it to move just about anything.

The flipped tractor was pretty impressive sight

We got some bricks, rocks and cut tree trunks and then using the tramp pick as a lever (placed near the top of the roll bar frame) we slowly tilted the Kubota back towards vertical in increments of brick heights.

When we got it at a better angle we used the winch on the quad to pull it back upright.

Without the tramp pick we would never have been able to get the tractor tilted back to where there was any chance of righting it.


  1. Norman will be pleased!!!!

  2. So... let me get this right: a humble 19th century hand tool comes to the rescue of top-of-the-line 21st century technology?
    Great start to my day!

  3. When are you going to get a group commission of tramp picks organised with a blacksmith, John? I for one would be interested in buying one and I suspect it would be the same for others.

  4. Good idea David. I will get on that .

  5. I am pleased . Norman