Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I Imagine

I imagine that stones know how to be.
My concept of a stone is one that has made the metaphysical journey and completed the transition away from the temporary by dissolving itself of all that is unnecessary and removing itself from all incompleteness.
A stone is a simple complexity of 'one' A solid impenetrable vortex of being. My 'stone' waits for all eventuality to catch up. It is content with its own content. It 'takes up' , and bides its own time in space.

I imagine my stone drawing very little attention to itself .- rich in comparisons and infinite in memories  floating yet fixed where it has found itself. My stone has discovered its own way and stays there. It has the ideal weight. It doesn't need to loose weight or gain any . It needs not exercise or compete or perform.
The event and the eventual have merged in its composition . The superfluous is recognized and avoided . That which endures and yet often seems insignificant is appropriated and treasured .

This stone does not judge , it smiles . It finds people and animate life amusing the way humans find cartoons amusing.
It ponders only the present, not the immateriality of the past or the future, and never stresses or worries. My stone chooses not to be distracted or entertained by that which is less focused or grounded than itself . Its inspiration and direction comes from subtler influences found in stillness and solitude

It delves in hills and settles in peaceful valleys . It dwells deep in the earth below . It waits along the shore. Or perches on high and looks out over all of time . It often completes itself by disappearing in a perfect spot in a perfect wall in the perfect setting.
It provides the environment for the slowest wisest things to grow. Like moss and lichen. It takes note of the seasons and holds on longer to the passing of time.

Nothing can improve a stone except another stone, or better yet a lot of other stones - in a wall or a bridge or a pathway . 

A stone always forgets .
It remembers only good
And so , is silent and yet hopeful.
My stone is not in a race to the bottom
If it wills at all it wills to climb higher To attain and maintain reasonable stature rather than give in to common imbalance and shakiness . My stone will stop me from moving too fast . From putting much weight in inconsistency. It will lodge and resist rather than fall . It will take a blow rather than give up and break down and apart.
My stone will enjoy composure.
Endure Exposure
Further patience
Inspire persistence
Refine and redefine resistance
It will not waste my time
It will not suffer tools gladly

My stone shall be appreciated for what it has avoided becoming -
Too small
Too soft
Too flighty
Too shapeless
Too meaningless
Too incomplete
Too clingy
Too unadaptable
Too loveless

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  1. Thank you for this posting. Itcompletely describes how I feel about stones - I thought I was the only one to think like this.