Sunday, September 8, 2013

Clougha Pike

Photo by Chris Bestwick

'Clougha Pike' , the installation we visited last week near Lancaster Lancashire, is an inspiring piece of work by Andy Goldsworthy. The three dry stone pillars were erected for the Abbeystead estate of the Duke of Westminster, one per year between 1999-2001
They make an imposing impression on the rugged landscape of abandoned quarry stone, peat bog, sphagnum moss and heather.

The sculpture fits the place so well that I wonder if the piece was designed after visiting the site rather than being an idea that Andy may have had on file before being commissioned by the Duke. Goldsworthy certainly had perfect material to work with. I imagine it is most dry stone wallers idea of heaven. There were piles of flat natural building blocks - beautiful millstone grit in every direction for as far as you can see .

Photo by Chris Bestwick

These three, what David jokingly called 'glorified bus shelters' contrast the lonely remoteness of the site. They give a humanity and a impressive sense of closeness to the place as if to say you are not alone here on the stark fell.

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