Monday, September 30, 2013

Castellation copes.

At the Sara's Garden Centre Dry Stone 'Follies' Walling Workshop in Brockport N Y last weekend Norman taught his students a variation of a type of Scottish coping that was simple to do with the selection of stone they had and was very pleasing to the eye. Tomorrow I'll show you what my students built.


  1. That's a really nice design by Norman Haddow.I really like the big cheek end to start the copes. Is there a name for this style of coping? It has a castle like charm to it. Indeed very pleasing to to eye. Your group of guys must have had a bit of muscle too.

  2. I suppose the title Castellation copes may have twigged me to the name.....
    Can we expect a draw bridge from John?
    ....on sketch up..

  3. Yes you got it correct JSF we call it castellated coping.this is often found in Scotland around high status estates.