Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hunting the 'Goldsworthy'

Shooting Butt

Having nearly finished the underground chamber last week it was decided by our host that we go on a small hunting trip to take some shots of a prize Goldsworthy. This required driving to Birk Bank an elite game reserve not far from Quernmore and hike in several miles with all our equipment over barren terrain in search of this rare specimen. 

Along the way we passed a well built turf-topped shooting butt where I lay in wait to see if the rare Goldsworthy might appear but managed only to flush out a common female Red Partridge. 

After trekking in a mile or so further through an abandoned quarry Alec spotted something and knelt down quickly to take a shot. I thought he was going for the partridge in the foreground, but no, beyond that, off in the distance loomed the 'Goldsworthy' that the four of us had so eagerly set off in search of. (You can just see the three blocky sillouetts of the installation on the horizon.)  

David took another shot of it when we got closer. To be contiued.

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