Sunday, July 7, 2013

Yehaw !

I was just about to start blogging about the new bridge when this breaking news came in...

John Bland texted me yesterday to say he'd completed his arch !

The 200 pound  keystone had been set in place and the form was ready to be taken out on Saturday afternoon.

The skies opened and the long awaited moment arrived.

The form removed to reveal a very pleasing well fitted architectural shape.

The long wall and arch in front of his parent's property which John has been working on and off for over two years is now finished. Congratulations John!


  1. Congratulations to John.He has built a beautiful feature.

  2. And this is the chap who was sooooo afraid he wouldn't pass his certification!!!!!!
    Wow John, well done on both accounts

  3. Really amazing achievement. Gavin.

  4. 1st he passes the certification test and then completes his master piece. All hail the triumphant finish of a finely sculpted wall and archway.

  5. What a wonderful project