Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Testing after the Festival.

The wall behind the 2010 dry stone blackhouse on the Landman Farm in Grand Valley Ontario was the scene of Monday's certification testing of four new Canadian candidates. 
This was how it looked a week ago

They had to carefully take down and rebuild a fine looking wall that was constructed during a wonderful workshop that Eric and I taught there back in 2011. The setting was so beautiful. 

Neil Rippingale of  DSC in Kentucky and Norman Haddow and DSWA of GB were the examiners. 

This is how things looked after the four sections were rebuilt.

Congratulations to Kenny Davies, John Bland and Evan Oxland on obtaining there initial certification . ( Kenny and John with the DSWA, and Evan with the DSC)
Congratulations too to Andre Lemieux on passing his intermediate .


  1. Woooo!!!! Still pumped!! Can't wait to try for intermediate!!

    1. "I'm going to fail, I'm going to fail, I'm going to fail".....see John, we knew you could do it.
      Congratulations all four of you on a job well done. Great time and so much fun to see every one again. The six new weekend certifications made a perfect ending.