Monday, July 22, 2013

Building a dry stone bridge - Part 12

My good friend Norman Haddow dropped by for two days to lend a hand on Crown Bridge after flying in from Scotland to attend the 2013 Canadian Dry Stone Festival .

He and I worked on the first section of square upright coping.  Vertical coping is Norman's specialty. It is straight and level. Even a quarter of an inch difference in height of individual copes can create annoying jogs in the profile of the bridge, so we had to take care that each cope was shaped properly and fitted in the right sequence along the top of the stepped side walls. 

Norman has helped with three of the 12 bridges I have worked on here in Canada.

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  1. Really really interesting. Thanks for sharing your knowledge here. How is the top of the bridge 'finished off' over the vault of arch stones.