Thursday, September 27, 2012

Inis Oirr / Ad in the Classified Section / Gates

There are still many openings on Inis Oirr for qualified gates

We are looking to fill these positions with qualified applicants.
All inquiries must complete a specific form relating to their area of specialty.
Applicants will be required to mark off the boxes indicating the fields they are interested in.
Please remember that you will have to fill in all spaces inside the prescribed margins.

No inexperienced gates need apply
Candidates should be tidy and have a good appearance

Although these are full time jobs they are semi-permanent positions with definite opportunity for more openings into other fields

See more in tomorrow's post.


  1. Very innovative and enjoyable article John and thank you for contributing to Feile na gCloch (Festival of Stone) on Inis Oirr, the smallest of the Aran Islands last weekend.
    Your talk 'A Sense of Place' accompanied by your poem was very well received. Also your contribution to building the 150 tonne retaining wall, Aran Island style, up to 12 feet high, wedged and plumb.
    Your lower photo above shows a traditional 'gap' used instead of a gate by building stones loosely so that they can be dismantled (and re-built) as needed.
    I've heard that young boys were first introduced to dry stone by being taught how to build one of these.
    The opening was often battered on both sides so that as the the gap settled it jammed slightly and became more structurally stable.
    Keep up the good work,
    Patrick McAfee

  2. What a wonderful presentation of your photo's,John. You can think with your head as well as your hands!!!
    It was a real pleasure to meet you at Féile na gCloch and thank you for your input.
    Best wishes,Slán,
    Eddie Farrelly.