Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Double Arch Progression

Work continues on the double arch bridge at St Marthe, Quebec, the focus and highlight of this year's Festival of Stone (Oct 4-7, 2012) . The site of this years festival is less than an hour from Montreal. We will be adding stones to the 40 foot long foot bridge right up to the actual days of the festival. Don't worry there will be lots to see during that Thanksgiving festival weekend too, including innovative and traditional stone wall structures as well as training seminars for those interested in learning how to build 'walls without mortar'. Contact  us at mcclaryharris@sympatico.ca  for details

The prebuild team this week consists of Danny, Jason, Matt, Ben, Scott and myself. Below are shots of the left-handed springers nicely shaped and fitted level and flush with the two arch forms on the north side of the bridge this week. The two right-handed springers are already in place too. The other side needs the two right handed springers and then we will have all eight completed by tomorrow.

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