Saturday, September 1, 2012

Blackhouse Backdrop

Jordan Mason and Kelly Clayton's wedding was held at the Landman farm last week. It was held at the site of a very memorable Rocktoberfest walling event back in 2009. The wedding was well attended. It was a very moving gathering of family and friends, for Eric particularly, as Kerry his wife passed away less than two years ago.

No doubt part of the success of the occasion was having such a picturesque backdrop for the ceremony, one that Kerry and Eric had envisioned and worked hard together to create.  The famous blackhouse, which volunteer wallers from around the world came to help build in Grand Valley Ontario that year, was the occasion of the 6th Canadian Dry Stone Walling Festival.

The event was organized by members of D. S. Walling Across Canada with the the main blackhouse structure headed up by Dean McLellan.  This year's Festival of Stone will be Oct 4-8 2012 near Montreal. Chris Overing is helping with heading up some of the organizational details.

Jordan and Kelly's wedding

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