Saturday, September 22, 2012

From rubble comes beauty and order

Patrick McAfee is shown the huge pile of rubble we will be digging through to build the retaining wall which is this year's workshop project on Inis Oirr, Ireland as part of their annual Dry Stone Wall Festival.

Dieter Sneider continues working a while longer after the other 20 workshop participants left for tea break. The wall hadn't taken long to begin rising out of the chaos.

By the end of the day a beautiful wall had magically appeared. What would in another country been taken off to the land fill site in a dozen or so dump truck loads was salvaged and transformed into a wall that would otherwise have required many tons of new concrete blocks to rebuild.

Tomorrow we will finish the wall.


  1. Well done all you fine wallers. Nice to get something special from what appeared to be nothing

  2. What a magnificent transformation. Congrats to all the wallers who saw the "the forest through the trees" or in this case, "the wall through the rubble."