Monday, June 25, 2012

Wanting to build a wall in the best way.

A lady phoned me last week to say her son Carter had talked her into having nearly twenty-four tons of random quarried stone delivered to her home in Lindsay, Ontario. She said that he had convinced her he needed to build a dry stone wall in their back yard and more importantly that he would try to finish it before he left  in two weeks on the Tall Ships Adventures program he had been accepted into, which sails the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario throughout the rest of the summer. 

When Jan looked at the huge pile of stone which had arrived one week later, she panicked. She explained that I had to come to the rescue and help him out for at least a day since it was me who got Carter addicted to dry stone walling stone in the first place.

Carter age 11 had attended our Dry Stone Wall Festival with his parents in 2008 where he saw the dry stone hut completed and then got invited to participate at one of the children's events building small stone arches. Five years later he attended our "not for profit" dry stone wall workshop at the Lindsay Rugby Club and with fifteen others helped build a permanent memorial wall there for Rachel Spearing.

I took yesterday off and helped start Carter on one of his two adventures: one would last the summer, the other, hopefully, will last a lifetime.

Carter and I enjoyed finding this stone that 'wanted' to be in his wall in the best way!

 We put in 35 feet of foundation stones on Sunday.


  1. What a wonderful gesture on your behalf JSR! I'm sure Carter was over the moon to have such instruction from a Waller as well rounded as yourself. The photos certainly make me think that your instructions were well understood and that he will make you proud with his finished endeavour. Perhaps even a young helper in the future..
    It's certainly nice to see someone out there giving their weekend time to help out a young teenager today.
    You deserve a feather in your cap for your generousity!
    Well done. I hope you asked him for a progress report.


  2. That's great! Carter did fine work on the Memorial Wall...