Saturday, June 9, 2012

Shovelling stone

Much as I love working with stones I don't really enjoy shovelling piles of the small stuff called 'gravel'.  Its very unsatisfying. Each crunch of the shovel barely makes a dent. And the stuff you do get spills off as you lift the shovel to throw it into the wheel barrow.

Here's what what we were digging in yesterday
It's almost as bad as shovelling gravel.
It's stoney soil.

It's amazing how small a stone, just one stone, can stop the strong thrusts of the shovel from gliding in to the dirt and getting decent shovel-fulls.

By the way, is it 'shovel-fulls' or 'shovels full'?


  1. Shovels full, definitely!

  2. That pile was fuller when I got there. Muskoka is definitely a 'doink doink' hit another rock digging experience! I use the corner of a spade to chisel
    into the 'ground'. Have fun..

  3. I always say shovelfulls.

  4. I also say spoonfulls of sugar.

  5. Get back to work.