Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Another Bridge - to know where.

This is a photo of the bridge (taken on the day we completed it) at Landon Bay Centre in 2010. It was built by enthusiastic supporters of  Dry Stone Walling Accross Canada during our annual festival.
We were wondering where we might be building our next dry stone bridge.
Then the invitation came from Chris Overing to build a bridge in Quebec.
We came and looked at the site he proposed and were suitably impressed. We arranged with Chris to not only build the bridge but hold our annual Festival of Stone this time just outside Montreal.
We are excited to announce that this time we will be building a 'Double Arched' bridge over a small creek on the festival site. 
Please write to me at if you have not been contacted yet and would like to be involved in this exciting project. 

Also, check out for more details. We will be adding more information soon.

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