Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The dimension of now

Stones bring the 'now' to us.   Let's not keep knocking these present opportunities, as if the past (or the future) holds out something that the present doesn't. Stones are like spacial presents to us. In fact they are space and time. And they come in all shapes and sizes. They need to be appropriated here and now. Let's create something with them 'in the present', and stay humble in the presence of such inspiring material.

After all the stones speak in present tense. If we listen we may eventually rediscover more of the hidden potential of this amazing material that the ancients understood so well – a potential which transcends time.

There is no 'progress' without stone.

Stones contain the present, in every sense, whether they be modular, random, dimensional or even non-dimensional (what ever that is). The age of plastic is over. Concrete should no longer be allowed to rule any more. Stone is and always has been the only thing that stays relevant. Give the gift that keeps on...

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