Monday, May 21, 2012

What do stones like?

Stones like to be handled. They like it when we gather them up and neatly nestle them in rows to make nice walls. Their absolute arch favorite thing to do however, is to get us to put them into dry stone arches and bridges.

That's what we did here. The photo was taken at a DSWAC planning meeting and barbecue in Whitby Ontario a number of years ago. We played several stone related games afterwards. One was to build the tallest arch you could with no help from anyone else and not use a form to rest the stones on.

It was fun. The stones loved it too.

You can almost see their excitement in the picture. They are literally jumping around the lawn. 


  1. Memories of the Slinky.

  2. Je suis une femme qui construit des murs en pierre sèche ... dans le Lot et j'aime penser avec mes mains!