Monday, May 28, 2012

Building a lot with character

Sandra Piller is building a wall at the front of her lot in Brighton Ontario. She took a workshop at the Dry Stone Wall Festival we held in Cobourg three years ago. Norman Haddow taught the course. Apparently people stop by every day to ask her questions and take pictures. I was told about her wall and decided to drop by one rainy afternoon.  I liked the wall and told her it had a lot of character. She told me of her plans to do 60 more feet of wall yet.  I wrote her the next day and asked if I could do a blog post about her bold walling effort. This was her reply.

Dear John:  It was fantastic that you took the time to stop by yesterday and comment on my dry stone wall in progress.  I appreciated your comments and encouragement.  It was unfortunate that I was late for an appointment with my daughter and that we were in the middle of a deluge, however, as I would have liked to have chatted longer and to have asked you a few questions.   By the by we have a creek in our back area that sure could use a stone bridge, something that far exceeds my meagre abilities.

By all means use the photo if you don't think your members will think my wall has too much "character."  Some people might be interested to know that I'm making these walls on my own.  I've noticed that most of your photos show men making walls and women should know they can do this too.  Much more productive that going to the gym.

My main problem with the Madoc stone is the size.  I had been assured that they would be no larger than a bread box as I requested but as you can see some are considerably larger. 

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