Saturday, May 19, 2012

Undulations Part 1

(This link may take some time to download before the video begins )

We are creatures in an undulating world.
The hills and valleys on the surface of the earth are merely the evidence of a once fluid geology below, which has now become suspended briefly in time and space. We can almost imagine these swirls and curves as being the folds in some huge extended blanket covering the contours of many large creatures about to rise from sleep. We see gestures of invisible bodies which appear to have caused the bulges and dips that extend in every direction below the ground and which make up the varied landscapes all around us.

Dry stone walls can sometimes become contour lines that help define these mysterious forms. As we follow the lines of stitching we appreciate the underlying 'living' influences which give form to the risings and fallings we see off in the distance.

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