Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tree bark wall pattern # 5

It was May first yesterday.
I though about Maypoles. 
The bark of this tree has strange strips of bark standing out from its tall straight trunk. Are these the remains of ribbons which the children of the forest held as they danced around it?
I thought too about how customs come and go, and how sometimes new traditions gradually begin to take root in a culture. 

This dry stone tree has no ribbons. It has long stones which jut out forming its short stone tree stumps. 
It may not make the best Maypole. 
One day however I may take it down and use the stones to build something else. For now I will leave it as a whimsical example of how stones can imitate trees. Perhaps next spring I will re-stack the stones into a circular wall for children to sit on and perhaps they will dance around it too. Maybe the taking down and re-stacking each year will become an annual thing.

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