Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The tree bark wall pattern #1

The rough, similar sized, stone-like shapes hug one another tightly.
Each five or six sided 'rock' is encased inside a nest of bark 'petals'
The shaggy cells form inverse contours for their neighbours to nestle into 
The pattern is a gesture of polygonal madness 
This haphazard arrangement only enhances the sense that there is order waiting to be discovered.

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  1. The bark on trees is too often an overlooked feature when choosing a speciman in the landscape design. The different textures, forms, colours, and patterns is unique to every variety. Bark tracings are always fun to try. In fact I think bark is the cats meow. -And sometimes their scratching post too! I wonder if anyone has looked at a dry stone wall and seen a tree... Good on you JSR for seeing the forest through the trees and the hidden treasures to be found in trees in the foresT.