Friday, April 20, 2012

Handy Heat Gauges & Particulate Measuring Devices.

MHA participant at this week's masonry heater build uses a HDE Temperature Gun Infrared Thermometer w/ Laser Sight

He uses it to peer into the peep hole of the lime kiln to measure the temperature. 
The limestone material needs to reach very high heats in order to transform and become usable for making lime putty.

Another temperature gauge uses a probe.

The results tell Steve that the furnace is reaching temperatures up to 1500 degrees.

uses a different device to measure his creation.
His masonry heater worked so well it forced all the smoke through brick and stone channels and then through pipes and down a hill, finally exiting well below the fire box.
The smoke was cold when it came out the pipes.

Jerry Frisch and Norbert Senf used these Condar portable dilution tunnels for measuring emissions of particulate matter - ie. smoke.

All this modern technology can be very daunting for a lowly dry stone waller.

Maybe we should invent some instrument for measuring how 'dry' our stone walls are.


  1. Litmus be your lucky day.

  2. We dry stoners use sophisticated biological instruments (eyes, brains, hands) that I don't fully understand. Somehow moving stones into specific positions throughout a building process. Then, in the end, when the project is done the result is revealed- either ugly, contrived, eyesore or a magnificient visual wonder that looks just right with the spacial arrangement and blend with the surrounding area. I'm still refining my instruments capabilities to control the process as it unfolds.