Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Masonry Heater Association

We drove down to the Masonry Heater Association at Wildacres Retreat in Little Switzerland North Carolina yesterday for  7 days of hands-on workshops . Masons have gathered here to meet at this beautiful convention centre set in the Smokey Mountains every spring for the last fifteen years, to enjoy each other's company and teach and learn all about heating and baking built solely of masonry construction. It was gratifying to see so many masons all getting along, encouraging one another and sharing their knowledge so freely.

At the opening meeting one of the instructors stood up and noted how unusual these annual gatherings were and recounted that usually the only time two masons can agree on something is when they are criticizing another mason.


  1. So you're all chiselled out of the same stone. Does that make you two faced?

  2. John,
    The MHA sounds wonderful and I often thought of attending their events. I went to the Czech Republic near Brno in 2005 for a masonry heater workshop staying on an old farm and working at a large building associated with a nearby castle. We built two heaters and two seperate bread ovens. People from Europe and North America attended, all working together, sharing information and skills. I think the masonry heater has a great future. Pat

  3. Yes I think you're right Pat. Btw, Tom Trout who was at that same Czech event is here at this MHA conference in N Carolina and asked to be remembered to you.

  4. Say hello to Tom from me, he's a full time masonry heater builder. We baked something like 40 pizzas in one go at the even in the Czech Republic. Pat