Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rock Day

I'm knocked out by this planet. 

I never cease to be amazed by this 'rock' that we live on. It is home base, our only frame of reference, everyone's starting and finishing point.

There are no alternatives to the support and stability that our earth provides.

How could we make 'plans' without it ? How could we let ourselves loose touch with the profound importance of our own insignificance in comparison to its all pervasive presence and weightiness. How could we let one day go to waste, one resource go to waste, one creative thought be lost, or one friendship turn sour?

Here is a man taking a short rest, a man who doesn't have that long a time on this island called earth, and is merely waiting to be inspired by a material that has gone the distance. He's thinking about the potential inherent in stone, and specifically the gravity and nobility contained in a big stone like this. Here upon is a metamorphic metaphor waiting to be applied.  This stone provides a large enough, flat enough, still enough, permanent enough, quiet enough,kind enough, profound enough space to lie on, to put things right and in perspective.

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