Saturday, October 8, 2011

Activity begins at Rocktoberfest 2011

Festival planners Bill and Jaquci Jeffers watch over the afternoon walling activity with two other helpers. 
 Work is continuing on the Venus gate and the amphitheatre with many people working together in friendly collaboration
 Roelf Zantinge gives the first musical performance in the as yet unfinished dry stone amphitheatre
 Norman Haddow prepares the student wall for the two day class he and three other instructors will be teaching.
Akira Evan Oliver John and Norman pushed down a huge stone into the exact position it needed to be for the base of the the cheekend they were building
 Thea Alvin measures if the telescope bench they are building is level enough.
 The curved amphitheatre benches and the diagonal entrance gates are starting to take shape.
 Peter Reidel is balancing local stones by the truckload.
 Dave Goulder gave a concert on his carry-on sized guitar
 He entertains those on the build who are not off having a tea break with Norman.
End of the day concert. Mr Bo Jangles.

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