Monday, October 17, 2011

Magic went on behind the partition.

This fortress like partition put up by Steve of Sara's Garden Centre protected us from the wind and rain last Saturday and Sunday as students participated in what would have otherwise been a not very dry stone wall workshop in Brockport New York.

The finished walls appeared quite magically when the partition was removed on Sunday afternoon.

A before shot reveals all the awkward big round stones we had to work with and how happy we all were to try to work with them

The finished shot shows us all still in good spirits and in no way defeated by the stones or the weather.

Some us thought Norman was looking pretty cool in his new dark safety sunglasses.

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  1. Oh such a lovely weekend, thanks so very much! This morning I went to look...again goosebumps. Safe journey to you & Norman as you spread your inspiration. Have already received emails from students with loads of thanks and appreciation.