Saturday, October 15, 2011

Old and New

A 100 year old wall at the property where the DSWAC held Rocktoberfest in Canada this year got quite a facelift last weekend.
Four instructors, Norman Haddow and Dave Goulder, (DSWA mastercraftsmen from Scotland) Evan Oxland and Akira Inman ( DSWAC instructors from Canada) guided twenty four students through two days of walling during our annual four day Canadian Dry Stone Wall Festival which resulted in giving new life and structure to over 100 feet of this old fallen down farm wall.
Over 50 tons of original fieldstone wall material were taken down and moved and rearranged and fitted neatly back into place to create this beautiful old/new wall again.

Thanks to all the students who worked so hard on the project and especially to those who then helped out on Thanksgiving Monday too to finish the dry stone amphitheatre seating and join with the other wallers for the closing ceremony with a live concert performed on the newly laid sod in front of the dry stone Venus Gate.

I have the sense that the old Hart House wall is grateful for the care and time we all put into restoring it, and like the wallers, all the stones have enjoyed getting together this Thanksgiving weekend too.

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