Friday, June 24, 2011

What colour are you going to paint the walls?

While Robert Frost observes in his poem - 'Something there is that doesn't love a wall' , there is nevertheless something about a dry stone wall that makes others with more of a creative bent want to photograph them, or write about them, or paint them. Its a wonderful treat to build a wall and then discover someone has been inspired to do something creatively in response to seeing your stones arranged in these satisfying dry stone structures.

I remember an occasion when I returned to a workshop site in British Columbia. Artists were there in the green house at Glendale Gardens in Victoria painting a wall that the DSWAC students built there the year before. It seemed like the perfect subject matter .

And just recently John MacLeod sent me this photo of members of an adult art class having taken a field trip to Kay Bridge near Rockport to paint the footbridge we built there last year at Rocktoberfest in Landon Bay Park. It is gratifying to see that the work the festival wallers put into creating this bridge continues to be appreciated and as with other public dry stone structures we've built in Canada, this 'bridge' has become a place where people can cross over and explore other forms of artistic expression.