Monday, June 27, 2011

The big push.

One of the best thing about the DSWAC workshops is the meals. They are provided by the host family and they are the reason I come to these events. Here is the spread on the first day in Inverary Ontario. Chile, beef stew, fresh home baked bread , salad, fresh organic vegatables and coffee, juice and ice tea. Fresh strawberries and ice cream for dessert.
These ten people worked very hard last weekend in the rain and the hot humid weather building forty two feet of wall without mortar. We had two people from New Brunswick drive in to take the workshop. There were several people form the Kitchener /Guelph area and others who were more local, coming from the Kingston to take the course. The big push came at 3:30 on Sunday afternoon when we knew we could get the wall completed on time if we ignored how exhausted we all were.
Thanks to Lachlan and Stana Oddie for hosting this beginner course. The students all told me I teach a pretty good course and everyone insisted they had fun learning how to stack rocks into this pleasing shaped wall with a gate opening. I guess I have to believe them.