Thursday, June 9, 2011

We were knocked out by Knock Castle

On our tour of stone walls in Scotland we were taken to buy Norman to Knock Castle near Ballater Scotland. It wasn't really in the ABC classification. (Another Bloody Castle) We have been looking at dry stone walls mostly. The castle was actually a real treat. It was quite a stunning structure standing on the hill, and well preserved as a ruin. There were no signs leading to it or any where at the site, which made it like we were the first people discovering it for the first time. The inside was very cozy and bright. The stonework was fascinating with being able to see the guts of the vaulted support for the main floor, the insides of the fireplaces, the shot holes, the turret and especially the different openings looking up into the spiral staircase.

I really liked the spiral scare space ! I had to climb it.