Monday, September 13, 2010

A Hand for the Arch

Stone carver and friend Colleen Wilson dropped by and took a short video clip of the last part of our dry stone workshop in Metchosin B.C. last Saturday. The two day hands-on course was attended by 12 enthusiastic students (4 women 8 men) with Chris Barclay and myself doing the instructing.

I thought it was an interesting enough clip (showing the removal of the centering) to merit a 'stand-alone' posting on the blog. Normally (and probably this is for the same reason magicians don't like to reveal how they do their tricks) I don't like to show pics of an arch in progress showing the actual form still in place, but this clip captured a lot of the excitement of these workshop 'arch-removal' moments and particularly because this form remained suspended in the opening even after the supports were taken away, and was evidently in no hurry to leave.

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