Saturday, September 11, 2010

Stone Story. Segment Two. Part 5

"It's the gloves!" announced the Squire, (the squarish stone) "When he had them off he could hear what we were saying."

"But even with them on he knew exactly where we wanted to be placed in the wall" interrupted one of the rocks off the wall, "and he was fitting all the stones better than any wallers we've ever been in touch with "

"Yes, but your right Squire," said Rhonda (the round rock) "I remember now, it was when he didn't have them on that he actually overheard our conversation. He knew exactly what we were saying. But after he put them on it wasn't the same"

"It was remarkable thing to happen anyway." added Myron. " And it is extraordinary that any human could ever achieve his kind of skill."

"What do we do now?" The five stones huddled in a pile with some the other rocks beside the newly repaired section of wall.

Three weeks had past since Andy, the amazing dry stone waller, had left off doing the gapping (fixing the damage to the dry stone wall ) not far from Wasdale. The stones had not seen anyone in the valley since then.

The repairs to the wall had indeed been exceptional. Every one of the stones had been snugly fitted with its neighbor and the new section of wall was seamlessly bonded to the old wall.

"We all feel really secure here. It's feels like we have always been here too" said one of the stones in the wall.

In fact Andy had done a great job of stacking the stones, as good as any one of them would have done, had they 'wanted' to, themselves, which of course, being so highly evolved, they were not wont to do.

They did wonder whether Andy would come back again, and if he did, would he be able to hear them talking, or would he be wearing his gloves.

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