Sunday, September 12, 2010

Stone Story. Segment Two. Part 6

The five stones discussed the implications of the talented Cumbrian waller seemingly having the ability to tune into their actual conversation, and the possibilities that this presented to them for contacting humans directly.

But some of the stones were concerned it might be a bad thing. It was obvious that solidarity amongst the stones had yet to be achieved.

"If he comes around again we all need to just stay quiet! " said the twin rocks. "It's not natural that a human should be able to 'pick up' stones in any way, except of course physically.

"But masons and wallers and even architects often 'pick up' our intentions" said Rhonda. "and they go on to build exactly what we tell them"

"Yes but that's all. It was never supposed to be any more than that. Nothing good will come of this nosey eavesdropping in on our personal conversations. Millions of years of privacy now are about to be shattered. And where will it stop?"

"Yes but it could be a tremendous advantage too" said the Squire "Such an individual might be able to be a spokesperson for the entire world of aggregate minerals making up the earth's crust."

"And that person could better explain to humans the dangers of excessive stone crushing, wasteful extraction and large scale concrete production and why it is so wrong to be doing all those other things that Myron was telling us about ."

"Go ahead tell them" said the Squire

Myron proceeded to explain the details to Michael and Hannah, whose isolated existence (until they were recently split up) as part of the cumbrian bedrock, had cut them off from witnessing much of this present post-modern age, and thus they were ignorant of the declining state of the stonemasonry industry and the so-called advancements in the field of stone-fabrication, with the manufacturing of phony products such as Cultured Stone and Ariscraft man-made stone.

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