Thursday, June 24, 2010

Shaking and Waking Bedrock.

Four of us are working up at a cottage in Stoney Lake, Ontario. Yesterday morning Akira asked me how I slept. I answered that I slept like a rock the whole night. I thought about how apt this common expression is. Rocks are really good sleepers. We laughed at the fact that basically they are always sleeping. In fact you really can't ever wake them up. No matter how hard you hit them they just keep sleeping.

Later that day, just after lunch I asked Akira to smash up some rocks to make a bit more hearting for us to be able to finish off the dry stone wall we were building. He uncovered some big rocks sticking out of some bedrock on the property and was hammering them and shouting " wake up rocks, wake up "

Apparently the rocks heard him. Later that day we were very surprised to find out that just around that time there was a strong earthquake tremor that was felt across most of Ontario

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