Thursday, June 3, 2010

June is at hand.

Did you know June is Dry Stone Wall Month?

Celebrate with us the fact that there are many of these wonderful structures in Canada and that they can be made by hand with local natural stones and when built right, they will last many many years

Increase your awareness of the benefits of walls made without mortar across Canada.

Everyone can help in a nation-wide campaign which hopes to educate and encourage others by involving the help of the media, promotions, toolkits, children's contests and activities - the engagement of municipalities, schools, community groups, families and individuals in more walling activities during June - dry stone wall month, and on, into the rest of 2010.

The campaign theme FIT A STONE IN A WALL EVERYDAY! reinforces the message of how important it is for all of us to participate in some form of dry stone walling activity each and everyday. Regardless of ability or age, Canadians are enjoying walls in an increasing number of ways. This year's theme recognizes that walling activities are varied and numerous. "Activities of all kinds, not just physical, are acknowledged and celebrated. Whether it's creating garden features, hearting, learning to build an arch, reading a walling book or wall gazing ... walling is about celebrating life and stones... Live it Everyday!"

Take pictures of walls, collect stones, help a farmer clear his field, visit a quarry, give a stone as a gift to someone, organize a group to fix a wall or retaining wall that needs repairing in your area, write a stone wall poem, build one in your back yard, take a dry stone wall course, join a dry stone walling organization, or sponsor a community wall to be built in a public place near you.

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