Saturday, June 12, 2010

Baking in the Sun.

There was a beautiful old squared sandstone stone house on the E D Smith fruit canning factory property in Grimsby Ontario. It was taken down a few years ago (dont ask me why) and 30 tons of lovely stone was scooped up by my friend Bob. He moved it to his property on the Niagara escarpment where most of it will be used for a workshop this weekend, but we used some of it just this Thursday and Friday to build a little oven. It was really hot working in the sun all day but it seemed like the stones really wanted to be put back into a building, even if it was only a little oven hut. Bob joked with us when it was finished and said that all he said was he wanted a little lovin', but I think he doesnt mind what we built for him, in fact , there he is standing there looking in and I think it's safe to say he loves it.

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