Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hand Doubts

There are lots of rules. There are lots of authorities. There are any number of people who will tell you that what you are doing is wrong. It is normal that you will start to doubt yourself. It can be quite intimidating at times. There are many critics in this world. Many people who will take shots at you for risking doing something different, or something new or something out of the ordinary. Being creative is not for the weak hearted. Having a vision and sticking to it will require that you don't succumb to the jeers of the naysayers but it also requires that you refrain from seeking the applause of those who are impressed merely by fashion and novelty. Real living requires that you learn all you can from history and from those you esteem to be wise around you, that you learn how to handle yourself and the material you have chosen to work with, that you consider carefully the limitations imposed on you by time and space and the environment which you find yourself in, and that you humbly explore any paths and options that sometimes magically open up to you. If you discover any principles or truths along the way, share them freely with anyone who genuinely seeks your advise. And don't take yourself too seriously.