Monday, February 8, 2010

Rocks That Get Out of Hand.

In the field of dry stone walling, it would seem that rocks and people are not all that different.

I was thinking about the expression we use about something when it is 'getting out of hand'.
In terms of people, you know the type, a slippery awkward person who not only gets 'out of line', but can actually do a lot of harm if not firmly put in their place.
Well, many of us wallers have have experience with tricky rocks that meet that description. So maybe its worth looking at the comparison a bit more.

Rocks can have some pretty annoying characteristics. To use certain crummy or 'iffy' rocks in a wall that you are thinking of building might not be such a good thing. This week I am going to be looking at what it is about these kind of rocks that makes them not worth 'putting up' with in a wall, (along any length of it ) or similarly, if these were people, the ones you really wouldn't enjoy having to put up with either, for any 'length' of time.

I would like to explore some expressions that deal with uncooperative rocks, and specifically (to stay in keeping with the 'thinking with our hands' theme) consider the implications of what a 'handful' they are. Can we call them the 'trouble makers'? Perhaps it would be more accurate to call them the ones who aren't good for very much, except for making rubble?

See you tomorrow.

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