Monday, February 22, 2010

Red Knuckle Flight

I flew home from teaching a course in Victoria BC late last night. My legs and back and hands are weary. I am glad to be home. I hardly notice my hands have numerous cuts and bruises typical for the kind of activity they have been subjected to recently, lifting rocks and shaping stones. Nothing major, just normal scrapes. However my miniature dachshund Cloe who is very pleased to see me after a week of being away, is quite interested in all these wounds. She licks them long and hard as I lay in bed reading a book about the Lake District, a delightful place we will be traveling to in two weeks time.
I can not remember the details of where and how it was the scrapes and cuts came about. I am too sleepy. My dog however takes great delight in tasting and scrutinizing all the lurid details. She is delighted to discover what she can about my trip with all its seemingly gory details and cant wait to read all the parts of my hands and palms that may be red.

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