Sunday, December 1, 2019

Touch Stones

What is touch?
How close do we get to touching anything or anyone?
The molecules that make up the tips of my fingers push into your being, but how much actual contact is there?
We assume because there is some sort of back pressure that our matter, (the physical and even metaphysical stuff we are made of) has met, but this is only an illusion. Science tells us the universe is mostly space and that there is still an almost infinite space between any of us, between everything in fact, no matter how close we get.
Combine this with the fact that some things are not even supposed to be touched - fire, the edge of sharp objects, live electric wires, paintings at the art gallery, ceramic figures at the gift shop.
It is any wonder people start to become untouched by it all,  and feel that everything outside of them is untouchable 
In such a world/universe where so many things can’t  be touched, or are not even supposed to be touched, there is, for the discovering, this curiously touchable-looking material called stone.
There is no sign on the mountain, on the rocky boulders , or the stone buildings, the dry laid walls, the stone bridges and terraces , or any of the pebbles on the beach, ‘
No sign saying 
‘Please don’t touch’
Most plants maybe shouldnt be handled, the trees must not be taken away, the clouds are illusion, the water in the river slips through our hands.
So many mysterious substances appear but can not be entered into.
So many things you cant put your finger on 
'Stone' the prime medium of touch.
More importantly, there is a feeling that it should be touched.
A sense that ironically, within its hardness and the silence, here is the door