Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Abducted to Stone

The Gallacticus Orbitory is a recently discovered saucer shaped dry stone interstellar craft believed to have landed here in Ireland many eons ago. Little is known about the galaxy it came from, its initial trajectory or its original orbit.  Was the craft supposed to have landed on earth or did it just crash here? 
Did any other aspect of this mysterious dry stone craft survive? Evidence suggests that all the well built stone walls found here on earth, which amazingly have no mortar holding them together, are the work of descended beings who were (or still are) captivated by the cosmic attraction of this advanced stone technology .  It is believed that some kind of secret bonding knowledge was originally imparted to humans by Stone Age space travellers many thousands of years ago, and the stonework we see on earth, like the craft itself, has remained curiously intact to this day.