Monday, December 9, 2019

Permanent Balance

Nothing is permanent. Balance is no exception. The prolonging of balance, (for it not to just be temporary) requires constant adjustments to outside change. Balance without controlled refinements is usually quite short lived. While some things balance for what could be considered an unusually long time, all balance is brief compared to static 'non-balance'. 

The brevity is what make balance rare, and this among other attributes is what causes it to have value. 

Balance is sought after in every aspect of our lives. It is this ephemeral equilibrium we seek, and if we find it, strive endlessly to try to maintain. 

Balancing stones is a metaphor for that process of seeking. It capsulizes that all-consuming need to discover some invisible symmetry, some unlikely aesthetic, using intuition and all our powers of alignment, to find an equivalent balance in our everyday lives. . Hence the tower of improbably balanced stones becomes our icon. 

And when we see it in a stone balance, it seems almost magical. For real balance, not the reinforced concrete type,  really is sacred, and worthy of honouring. 

But how?

All non-balance by contrast is dead. We need not build memorials to dead things. But, could we really build a proper monument to the goddess of balance? 

What would it look like?How could it not end up being ironic?