Tuesday, June 19, 2018


We must not give in to A. I.  -  that is, Artificial Insanity.
There is still enough REAL to go around.
Non-plastic flowers still can bloom in our gardens and be picked and put in vases and last long enough for us to remember life is not an act, not a facsimile, not something we can pretend is close enough to real that it doesn't matter.
Of course it matters.
Life is not artificial.
Matter matters and it is ALL real.

Rocks may be our last chance to turn this rampant artificial insanity around.

Rocks are not trying to be anything else. Rocks don't need to be imitated. Rocks shouldn't be fake. The artificial has to stop somewhere. We have enough fake gold, pretend amusement, synthetic food, made up lives and fabricated lies to sink a planet.

The rocks can save us if we listen to them, if we don't mute their voices staring at plastic versions.

Our planet is mostly rock. Our earth is made of reality.  It will not go well if we fool ourselves into thinking we will make do in some fake world we have manufactured for ourselves. No amount of insanity, or intelligence, can replace the truth of one single REAL rock.