Friday, June 9, 2017

Surrounded by Stones

Surely dwelling in a place that is surrounded by stones would be a good thing.

A kind of gentle growth, a development would happen. New thoughts and ideas might begin to naturally materialize. 

Perhaps stones 'block' other things like wifi for a reason, especially inside a stone building. 

Instead of an endless barrage of microwaves, radio waves and undetected electrical signals, silently screaming past and through our impressionable minds, perhaps after being surrounded by stone for a while other more important signals begin to seep in, over time. 

We might then start to tune into, if only unconsciously, the vast expanse of time and mass and solidity (and awesomeness) contained within the silent walls of rock solid 'blocks'.  

Though this is just a tiny one, there is an inexplicable attraction many of us find to life-size dwellings of this sort, however primitive.  I would like to live here in this miniature hut and find out why. Yes my iPhone reception will be lousy. 

Maybe it's because the stones are trying draw us closer in order to be with us without our phones and have us really discover what is really going on.

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