Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Eggs and Bacon - 'Walling Fuel'

When I was employed as a labourer, I hated taking sandwiches to work. 

Before I saw the restaurant scene in Goldsworthy's 'Rivers and Tides' it was already a ritual on my walling jobs for the guys and I to have eggs and bacon together at lunch. 

It seems strange, while everything else on the menu has gone up in price over the years, eggs and bacon still remains a very reasonable meal at most restaurants. So it continues to be a thing, now that I'm a boss, to treat the guys too to 'breakfast out' (around lunch time), rather than just go off and have them have to stay back at the job site eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Here are the bridge students all having lunch having breakfast together yesterday. 

The seemingly random clip in 'Rivers and Tides' of all the guys having breakfast was kept in the final cut for a reason. I believe the director/producer saw a connection. 

It has been my thought too that a curiously strong relationship exists between the quality (and output) of artistic dry stone work done on any day and those wallers on the job who have enjoyed having eggs and bacon together. 

Here is my student crew again, yesterday afternoon –everyone doing their best work, all fuelled up on a high performance breakfast of eggs and bacon.

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