Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A Weekend To Grow A Tree

On the weekend of June 10 and 11, volunteers and students taking a unique Dry Stone Walling Across Canada sculpture workshop rallied together to build a commemorative tree at the Ennismore Robert E Young Complex .  

Gail Murray of the Ennismore Horticultural Society was the organizer of this unique even. The dry stone tree 'grew' over two days of friendly cooperation, creative problem solving  and a lot of heavy lifting to now become a permanent art installation and a "forever landmark" in the village for all to enjoy.

The heavy stones in the last two feet of the ten foot structure were drilled and then carefully lowered over the centre rod to secure the whole structure permanently.

Kids in community and their moms helped 'heart' the inside of the tree all the way up.

Standing above the sections of scaffolding, on the tree itself, Barry and Andy lifted the last 'branch stones' into place.

The Happy Tree Growers

A big thanks to Gail (in the middle) and to local resident Don Young (on the right) who laid the concrete pad and to Jeff Parnell who provided the quarried dolomite.

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